I don't like cooking because it's a waste of time

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There are so many things you can do besides cooking and eating.

Btw, it's not necessary to make a choice between staying at home or going to work. Because you can do both!

I did both myself. I stayed at home for my three children for ten years, now I work fulltime at an elementary school

as a teacher. So yes, you don't need to think you have only one way of living as a mother, a woman or a human being.

There are many years for you to choose what to do next, and next.


Well, to most people eating, it is a thing,. -聂耳- 给 聂耳 发送悄悄话 聂耳 的博客首页 (74 bytes) () 09/19/2023 postreply 05:40:19


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