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模仿Biden speech

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2020.12.15日, 从油管上看到Biden演讲。 自己边听边记, 写下讲稿。 然后模仿biden的演讲自己讲一遍。 效果一般。 在这里分享一下。
Biden addresses nation after Electoral College affirms his win

Today, a member of the Electoral College representing the certified winner, cast their votes for president / vice president of the United States, in an act, just as old as our nation itself. Once again, the American in America, the rule of law, our constitution, and the will of the people prevailed.

Our democracy pushed, tested, threatened, proved to be resilient, true and strong.

The Electoral College votes which occurred today, effect the fact that even in the face of a public health crisis unlike anything we’ve experienced in our lifetimes: the people voted, they voted record numbers. More Americans voted this year than they’ve ever voted in the history of the United States of America. Over one hundred and fifty five million Americans were determined, to have their voices heard and their votes counted. (0-1:00)

In the start of this pandemic, this crisis, many were wondering, how many Americans would actually vote at all. But those fears proved to be unfounded. … (这是我的博文原始链接,暂时关闭。 )

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